Artworks per year :

I’m generally impulsive when it comes to what I choose to paint next, but I do have a few thematic series I intend to keep adding to.

Here they are:


Work-Vero Dumas - Julie Salkowski
Work-Vero Dumas Acrylic 16×20″ sold

This series shows people at work and their relationship to their work. Their stories call for us to consider the state of work today.

These portraits are overlaid with the tarot’s pentacles, which stand for money and the material world.


Poseidon - Julie Salkowski
Poseidon Acrylic 16×20″ available

Inspired by a 2016 trip to Halifax, I’ve started a series on the sea and the environment, incorporating references to fantasy and Greek myths.


Messe Noire Acrylic 11×14″ available


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