Artist Statement

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I returned to painting during a chaotic time in my life, as part of a process of introspective transformation. This process goes on but has now turned outwards. I love life but am overly aware of my own dark side and this is reflected in my artwork, in its shadows and lights.

My forte is painting white on black. I begin by preparing my surface with black gesso and then I paint on the light. Acrylic is my preferred medium. I will sometimes add color to the painting at the very end if I am so impelled. The work sometimes calls for it in a way that feels like the choice isn’t really mine.

I sometimes paint watercolors, especially when I want to give a sinister subject the feel of an illustrated children’s book, thereby defusing it and shining a new light on it. I enjoy making some sinister things surprisingly endearing.

I often reference my paintings from photographs I’ve shot of dolls, animals or my acquaintances. I often paint in black and white or nearly so to evoke the effect of old photography, of a moment frozen in time and made eloquent.

I am inspired by dreams, life, memories, childhood. I share stories using symbols from fantasy, the unconscious, the tarot and myth. I hope everyone can interpret my work their way and find their own stories there.